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Noise control method slewing ring

Keywords:Slewing ring

Slewing bearing noise common with dust and scratches acoustic sound two solutions side as follows:

1. The method of controlling dust sound
Rotary has a branch in the dust and other foreign matter, non-periodic vibrations occur, the so-called dust acoustic, vibration and noise of uncertain size, and with or without.
Control dust acoustic method: the cleaning methods to improve slewing ring / turntable bearing, bearing prior to installation, shaft, housing bore and mating parts all in strict cleaning clean; remove foreign matter within the lubricant; improve the bearing seal; avoid the use of impure material or embedded foreign objects plastic cage.


2. The method of controlling the sound scars
If slewing ring rolling surface cracks, indentation, or rust occurs like a rivet as a periodic vibration and noise, the cycle may be fixed but mostly and speed into a certain relationship, scars on the channel will be continuous occur, scars on hidden when on the ball, and this noise and there are some changes with installation and lubrication conditions.
Such noise control methods: Do not hammer when installing bearings, bearing and shaft assembly before loading ramp bearing to prevent bearings mounted when; when the stock to prevent shock and vibration to prevent bearing corrosion and transport; the use of high viscosity grease.


3. Noise and countermeasures lubrication caused by factors
Lubricant selection errors, lack of lubricant or the occurrence of aging sclerosis, can lead slewing ring / turntable bearing vibration and noise, and this noise is not necessarily the rule. In this case, only the appropriate choice of lubricants, adjust the amount of lubricant to extend the life of the lubricant and reasonably determine the replacement cycle.

4. The host-related noise and Countermeasures
This noise is not simply caused by bearings, which bearing from single aspects to find the reason is not valid, comprehensive attention to deal with the host to improve the performance of the host, if necessary. Now the main narrative motor common beeps and rack resonant sound.


A. motor beeps and Countermeasures
Axial vibration of the motor shaft can cause a lot of high-frequency noise - beep, its frequency and the same axial vibration frequency, which can be the same can also be varied. Beep way to prevent axial vibration and prevent the same way.


B. bearing frame resonant sound and Countermeasures
The aforementioned outer ring axial line quality caused by the natural vibration of the axial bearing frame bending natural vibration, noise is called a resonant sound will follow. Increase preload method can improve the quality of the outer axial natural frequency of the system, destroying the resonance condition, reduce noise.

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