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Slewing ring which Application areas

Keywords:Slewing ring

Slewing bearings are widely used, construction machinery slewing ring is also the most widely used applications first place, such as earth-moving machinery, excavators, disintegration machine, stacker and reclaimer, graders, rollers, compaction machines, drilling machines, boring machines. Others include:

Concrete machinery: concrete pump, concrete mixing machine boom, cloth belt machine;

Feeding equipment: Disc feeder, Mixer;

Lifting: wheeled cranes, crawler cranes, gantry cranes, tower cranes, forklift, with the crane, gantry crane;

Ground handling equipment: the impact of reverse circulation drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, the impact rotary drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, reverse circulation rotary drilling rig, rotary drilling rig positive cycle, long auger drilling rig, engineering rig diving, static pile driver, pile driver ;

Project Ship: dredger;

Special Purpose Vehicle: bridge inspection car, fire truck, gondola, flat beam carrier, aerial vehicles, self-propelled aerial work platforms;

Light Industry Machinery: Packaging Machinery, blowing machine, packaging machinery, filling machine, rotary bottle machines, injection molding machine;

Marine Crane: floating crane.

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