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Slewing ring in the course of how maintenance?

Keywords:Slewing ring,Rotary bearing maintenance

1.Rolled inside coated with a small amount of grease 1. slewing bearing factory, so users should be enabled according to different working conditions, re-filled with fresh grease.
2. slewing ring raceway should be regularly greased. General ball bearing grease once every 100 hours of operation, roller bearing type refueling once every 50 hours, special working conditions, such as tropical, humidity, dust, temperature and continuous operation, the lubrication cycle should be shortened. Long before and after the machine is stopped must also raise new grease. It must be lubricated every Raceway grease filled until leaking from the seal tape at so far. Note grease, slowly rotating the rotary bearing, the grease filling evenly.
3. The tooth surface should be kept clear of debris and coated with the appropriate grease. Work should be integrated factors, the user can also choose the best according to their own specific requirements grease.
4. slewing ring for the first time after 100 hours of operation, check the bolt preload, after every 500 hours of operation checks, must maintain adequate preload. Note the use of slewing ring operating conditions, such as found in noise, shock, a sudden increase in power, should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting, if necessary, must be overhauled.

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